Scientists identify two brain networks influencing how we make decisions

Scientists at the Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford have pinpointed two distinct mechanisms in the human brain that control the balance between speed and accuracy when making decisions. Their discovery, published in eLife, sheds […]

The number of microvascular complications is associated with an increased risk for severity of periodontitis in type 2 diabetes patients: Results of a multicenter hospital‐based cross‐sectional study

Abstract Aims/Introduction To explore the relationships between periodontitis and microvascular complications as well as glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients. Materials and Methods This multicenter, hospital‐based, cross‐sectional study included 620 patients with type 2 diabetes. We compared the prevalence […]

The breakthrough prostate test ALL men must ask for: 'Game-changing' scan saves you a painful procedure, but when will YOUR hospital get up to speed?

Chris Kitcher vividly recalls the moment he was diagnosed with prostate cancer He had been showed his two tumours on a screen, rather than needing a biopsy Chris was one of the first to try the new mpMRI scan, a […]

Biggest Breast Cancer Breakthrough: Map Links Breast Cancer Cell Shape And Genes To Disease Outcomes

Cell Shape-Gene Network Can Predict Cancer Outcome Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London took a closer look at cell shapes in millions of imaging scans of more than 300,000 breast cancer cells and information for about 28,000 […]