Science Fiction Inspired Handheld Diagnostic Device

A team of researchers at Glasgow University, UK have developed a portable rapid diagnostic device that could be used to detect a number of conditions, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Inspired by the famous Star Trek medical tricorder, the research team behind […]

A diagnostic tool to save lives and prevent brain damage

A new study confirms the efficacy of a new diagnostic tool that utilizes ultrasound to measure intracranial pressure following accidents. The technology will now be provided with artificial intelligence so that ambulance personnel can carry out examinations at accident scenes. […]

Glow-in-the-dark paper as a rapid test for infectious diseases

Researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) and Keio University (Japan) present a practical and reliable way to test for infectious diseases. All you need are a special glowing paper strip, a drop of blood and a digital camera, […]

Stick-On Solar-Powered Heart Monitor Fits on a Finger

Scientists at the Riken, a major Japanese research institute, and University of Tokyo have developed a remarkable ambient light-powered cardiac monitor that looks like a transparent bandage. The underlying technology makes possible other flexible body-worn sensors that don’t need to […]

EverSleep Wearable Sleep Tracker: Product Review and Interview with CEO

Readers might recall the 2017 Indiegogo campaign by SomnoHealth to create EverSleep, a wearable sleep tracker with built-in oxygenation monitoring. The campaign reached 224% of its original goal in addition to receiving a $50k Arrow Electronics Flash Funding Grant and […]

Vuzix Smart Glasses and Genzõ App Provide Live Life Experiences for Low-Mobility Patients

Vuzix, a New York-based supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality solutions, has partnered with 1Minuut Innovation, a Dutch healthcare innovation company, to provide a real-time life experience solution for low-mobility patients. The system consists of the Vuzix M300 smart […]

Slipping into this ‘skin’ turns any object into a robot

When you think of robots, usually you think of a 3D being that manipulates the world around it. But Yale University researchers took a different tack, turning away from nature to design “robotic skins” that wrap around existing objects and […]

New colour change wristbands help you balance too much sun vs not enough

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiations have both harmful and beneficial effects for our health. Too much exposure can lead to sunburn, skin ageing, eye damage or even skin cancer. With too little UV we may become vitamin D deficient. Different […]

Multi-joint, personalized soft exosuit breaks new ground

Fully wearable soft exosuit with automatic tuning helps users save energy and walk outside over difficult terrain WYSS INSTITUTE FOR BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED ENGINEERING AT HARVARD (CAMBRIDGE, Mass.) — In the future, smart textile-based soft robotic exosuits could be worn by […]