Sex-linked differences in cancer may identify gender-specific genetic drivers and predict responses to treatment

Analysis of male- and female-derived tumor samples revealed differences in prognostic biomarkers, genes that drive cancer, and in the regulation of key pathways that may predict response to treatment, according to results published in two studies in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Credit: CC0 Public […]

Researchers examining Parkinson’s resilience

Diseases have a spectrum of risk, even those partially embedded in genes such as Parkinson’s disease. C. elegans, seen here as hundreds living on a plate viewed through the lens of a microscope, share roughly half their genes with humans. […]

Home sensors that can predict when an elderly person will have a fall 3 WEEKS before they have the accident

Infra-red monitors can detect subtle changes in the health of elderly people Sensors are placed in each room of the house and monitor walking speed Experts say it allows medical personnel to intervene before a collapse happens People can live […]