Killer cell immunotherapy offers potential cure for advanced pancreatic cancer

A new approach to treating pancreatic cancer using ‘educated killer cells’ has shown promise, according to early research by Queen Mary University of London QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON The new cell-based immunotherapy, which has not yet been tested in humans with pancreatic cancer, led […]

Immunotherapy Complete Response Data Suggest Metastatic Melanoma Cures

This is Dr Jeffrey Weber. I am a medical oncologist at the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at New York University Langone Health in New York City. Today we will be talking about a very interesting article that appeared […]

Stage four sarcomatoid kidney cancer patient first to show complete response to immunotherapy

“You see this place on the image? That’s where your kidney was,” says VCU Massey Cancer Center medical oncologist Asit Paul, M.D., Ph.D., to 69-year-old Thomas Bland. “And the tumors we saw in your lung and other places still have […]

New cancer vaccine can teach the immune system to ‘see’ rogue cells and kill them

Vaccine teaches immune system to recognise rogue cells as part of treatment Method involves extracting immune cells from a patient, altering them in lab they can then ‘see‘ a protein common to many cancers and then reinjected A trial vaccine is showing promising results in patients with a range of cancers. One woman treated with […]

Penn discovers new, rare mechanism for ALL to relapse after CAR T cell therapy

A single leukemia cell, unknowingly engineered with the leukemia-targeting chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) lentivirus and infused back into a patient, was able to reproduce and cause a deadly recurrence of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Newresearch from the Abramson Cancer Center of the […]

Immune system’s balancing act keeps bowel disease in check

Australian researchers have uncovered clues in the immune system that reveal how the balance of ‘good’ gut bacteria is maintained. This information could help in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) WALTER AND ELIZA HALL INSTITUTE IMAGE: ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR SETH MASTERS AND DR […]

Could less deadly therapies be a better way to keep cancer in check?

While many cancer therapies initially can be very successful, tumors often return and spread when remaining cancer cells develop resistance to treatment. To combat this tendency, Frédéric Thomas of the French National Centre for Scientific Research proposes that cancer researchers […]

Experimental vaccine shows promise in preventing TB

(HealthDay)—Tuberculosis remains the most lethal of infectious diseases worldwide, killing more than 1.6 million people a year. But researchers say a new vaccine might prevent half of full-blown illnesses in infected people who receive the shot. “We found that the incidence of […]

Breakthrough in schizophrenia identifies importance of immune cells

Researchers from NeuRA and UNSW have made a major discovery in schizophrenia research that could open doors to new treatments, research, and therapies. In one of the biggest breakthroughs in schizophrenia research in recent times, Professor Cynthia Shannon Weickert from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) […]