CAR-T immunotherapies may have a new player

Emerging CAR-T immunotherapies leverage modified versions of patient’s T-cells to target and kill cancer cells. In a new study, published June 28 online in Cell Stem Cell, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and University of Minnesota report that […]

Researchers identify a new way to promote tissue regeneration

Cell (stock image). The use of iPSCs to generate tissues would revolutionize transplantation, facilitating the growth of artificial organs, say authors. Houston Methodist researchers have identified an immune pathway that promotes the formation of a cell that can develop into […]

Pitt study provides clues to relationship between schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 24, 2017 – An in-depth computational analysis of genetic variants implicated in both schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh points to eight genes that may explain why susceptibility to one of the disorders […]

Absent tumor-suppressors allow melanoma to thwart immunotherapy

Researchers identified a set of genetic changes that predict whether melanoma patients will respond to checkpoint inhibitor therapies.    It’s what’s missing in the tumor genome, not what’s mutated, that thwarts treatment of metastatic melanoma with immune checkpoint blockade drugs, […]

The immunotherapy, pembrolizumab, is active against mucosal melanoma tumors

And prolongs survival for patients with bladder cancer Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Clinical trials of a new immunotherapy, pembrolizumab, have shown that it prolongs life significantly for patients with bladder cancer and is active against a rare sub-type of melanoma, called […]