New study finds that inflammatory proteins in the colon increase incrementally with weight

BOSTON (Oct. 10, 2018)–Studies in mice have demonstrated that obesity-induced inflammation contributes to the risk of colorectal cancer, but evidence in humans has been scarce. A new study shows that two inflammatory proteins in the colon increase in parallel with […]

Promising novel treatment against Alzheimer disease

New research conducted at the Lady Davis Institute (LDI) at the Jewish General Hospital reveals that a novel drug reverses memory deficits and stops Alzheimer disease pathology (AD) in an animal model. Importantly, this drug has already proven to be […]

People with fibromyalgia have inflammation of the brain

The causes of the difficult-to-treat pain syndrome fibromyalgia are largely unknown. Using PET brain imaging, researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Massachusetts General Hospital have now shown that glial cells – the central nervous system’s immune cells – are activated in the brains of patients with fibromyalgia. The […]

Solving the gut inflammation puzzle

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), an umbrella term for a number of gut disorders—including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease—remains a clinical challenge. Current treatments don’t work for all patients, and many stops working over time. But despite their different responses to […]

Improved early diagnosis and treatment for Graves’ orbitopathy

Despite Graves’ disease and Graves’ orbitopathy affecting around 3 million Europeans and costing billions of euros, treatments can only control symptoms. INDIGO identified risk factors, studied microbiota composition and tested probiotics to improve health outcomes. Credit: Perception7, Shutterstock Graves’ disease […]

Malicious brain cell identified

Surprising finding fills gap in understanding astrocytes’ role in brain disease SANFORD BURNHAM PREBYS MEDICAL DISCOVERY INSTITUTE Astrocytes–the star-shaped cells of our brain–are very busy. Their job description includes maintaining the blood-brain barrier, removing excess neurotransmitters, repairing brain tissue and […]

Vicious circle leads to loss of brain cells in old age

Researchers at the University of Bonn determine how dangerous inflammations in the brain are caused UNIVERSITY OF BONN The so-called CB1 receptor is responsible for the intoxicating effect of cannabis. However, it appears to act also as a kind of “sensor” […]

Gum disease treatment may improve symptoms in cirrhosis patients

Study finds routine oral care alters gut bacteria and reduces inflammation and cognitive problems AMERICAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Rockville, Md. (August 29, 2018)–Routine oral care to treat gum disease (periodontitis) may play a role in reducing inflammation and toxins in the […]

New target could prevent progression of liver damage to cancer

AUGUSTA, Ga. (Aug. 27, 2018) – Problems like obesity and alcoholism appear to chronically trigger in the liver a receptor known to amplify inflammation in response to invaders like bacteria, scientists report. The relentless, increased activity of TREM-1 in turn […]

New research reveals how the body clock controls inflammation

Researchers at RCSI and Trinity College Dublin have revealed insights into how the body clock controls the inflammatory response, which may open up new therapeutic options to treat excess inflammation in conditions such as asthma, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. By understanding […]