Antibacterial polymers

Surprising antibacterial activity and selectivity of hydrophilic phosphonium polymers WILEY Artificial polymers, like antibiotic peptides, need both hydrophobic and hydrophilic domains in their molecular structure to exert antibacterial activity. Now, researchers from Canada have synthesized a phosphonium polymer that challenges this view. […]

Drugs in development for cancer may also fight brain diseases, including ALS

PARP inhibitors show promise in preventing toxic accumulations of brain disease proteins in Penn research study UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PHILADELPHIA – A class of cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors could be useful for treating and preventing brain […]

Function of gene mutations linked to neurological diseases identified

Several gene mutations have been linked to Parkinson’s disease, but exactly how and where some of them cause their damage has been unclear. A new Yale study, published in the Journal of Cell Biology, shows that one of the genes whose mutations […]

Blood serum study reveals networks of proteins that impact aging

A team of researchers from several institutions in Iceland and the U.S. has conducted a unique blood serum investigation and discovered multiple protein networks that are involved in the aging process. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their […]

Analytical tool predicts genes that can cause disease by producing altered proteins

BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Predicting genes that can cause disease due to the production of truncated or altered proteins that take on a new or different function, rather than those that lose their function, is now possible thanks to an […]

Protecting ribosome genes to prevent aging

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Aging is a process of gradual deterioration from exposure to time and the elements; this process begins with deterioration deep inside every cell. Researchers from Stanford University and the VA Palo Alto Health […]

Researchers find hidden signals in RNAs that regulate protein synthesis

Study finds previously unknown strategy cells use to make protein CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Scientists have long known that RNA encodes instructions to make proteins. The building blocks that comprise RNA–A, U, C, and Gs–form a blueprint for the protein-making […]

Novel approach to making therapeutic proteins at point of care

July 10, 2018, University of Maryland Baltimore County A team of researchers led by UMBC have developed a novel approach to making therapeutic proteins available at the point of care. This technology is unique because it ensures that medicines are available anywhere in […]

Researchers report novel method to quickly make therapeutic proteins from human blood

UMBC researchers report novel method to quickly make therapeutic proteins from human blood Personalized medicine has incredible potential, but current approaches are still too expensive and time-consuming to have a big impact. A new paper in Scientific Reports looks at how to extract cellular protein synthesis […]