Noninvasive brain stimulation leads to fine motor improvement after stroke

Stroke is common and accompanied by complex disabilities–such as lower and upper limb disability, speech impairment, and chronic post-stroke pain. An analysis of published studies found that non-invasive brain stimulation may have beneficial effects on fine motor movement in stroke […]

Brain stimulation reduces suicidal thinking in people with hard-to-treat depression

Findings indicate promising directions to prevent suicide across mental illnesses TORONTO, MAY 3, 2018 – A specific kind of brain stimulation is effective in reducing suicidal thinking in a significant portion of people with hard-to-treat depression, according to a new […]

Three-minute version of brain stimulation therapy effective for hard-to-treat depression

In the largest study of its kind, a three-minute version of a brain stimulation treatment was shown to be just as effective as the standard 37-minute version for hard-to-treat depression. These results were published in a new Canadian study in┬áThe […]