A faster way to diagnose dementia? Measuring levels of a chemical linked to type 2 diabetes in the brain could spot onset of the disease

  High levels of autotaxin are found in the brains of obese adults, a study found  However, large quantities are also present in sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease   Being overweight is known to make insulin resistant – leading to type 2 […]

Could this £5 blood test predict a heart attack 15 years early? Scientists say it could help doctors spot high-risk patients

  When heart muscle is damaged it leaks a protein called troponin into the blood  Testing for this protein can be used to detect the early signs of damage early The simple test would take just 30 minutes to deliver […]

Living Bandage: Researchers Trial New Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries On Humans

A new treatment for meniscal tears based on stem cells has just been used for the first time on human subjects, with very encouraging results. The new method may help hundreds of thousands of sportsmen each year, easing their recovery and reducing […]

Want to improve your memory? A morning jog could help – it stimulates your brain and keeps you alert

Keynotes: Part of the brain responsible for alertness is activated during a run, a study found New research also found it helped to improve the senses, like playing the piano Scientists studied 11 runners as well as 11 inactive men […]