Middle-aged adults who take more than 5 pills a day are 3 times more likely to become frail – increasing their risk of falls, disability and even death

Mixing medications causes pensioners to weaken sooner, new research found The practice of taking more than 5 medicines a day is known as polypharmacy People who took more than 10 drugs daily were twice as likely to become frail  Taking […]

Novel combination of drugs 'could eliminate HIV', scientists claim as they start groundbreaking human trial

Case Western Reserve University scientists are combining two AIDS treatments The two properties have already been shown to reduce the viral load of HIV But researchers believe they could go as far as to reduce ‘latent HIV reservoirs’ – HIV-infected […]

Scientists 'supercharge' antibiotics to tear superbugs apart: Study hailed as groundbreaking amid race to combat drug resistance

Scientists have found a way to ‘supercharge’ antibiotics to ‘blow up’ superbugs The drugs bind to bacteria to kill them – like putting a key in the lock of a door But when one drug exerts such physical force, it […]

New dementia pill made entirely from CHOCOLATE hits shelves in Britain after cocoa was found to improve blood flow and help the heart

Flavanols extracted from cocoa help tackle cholesterol levels and blood flow  But effective dose would be 400g of dark chocolate, containing 2,429 calories New pill contains the condensed anti-oxidant nutrient in its purest form  A groundbreaking new pill that can […]

'In vivo' reprogramming induces signs of telomere rejuvenation

A representative image of double immunofluorescence against OCT4 (red) and TRF1 (green) proteins in the pancreas of a reprogrammable mouse.    During the ‘in vivo’ reprogramming process, cellular telomeres are extended due to an increase in endogenous telomerase. This is […]