Physical therapy important for women treated for breast cancer

The survival rate for breast cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women, is now about 90 percent, increased by nearly 20 percent since the 1970s. Surviving breast cancer has been the biggest treatment goal until recent years when attention began to turn to surviving well, as these three women appear to […]

Blood test identifies more treatable cancer mutations than tissue biopsy alone

In one of the largest clinical studies to ever examine the impact of using a blood test to detect treatable mutations in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), researchers from the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania found that they could identify significantly more mutations through liquid biopsy instead of a solid tissue biopsy alone. The findings […]

Magnetoferritin: a new effective marker for tumor diagnosis and treatment?

A novel magnetoferritin-based method allows doctors to more accurately diagnose malignant cells, providing additional opportunities for cancer treatments. One major problem in diagnostic radiology today is the lack of accuracy due to insufficient contrast between the cells of interest and […]

Stop worrying and trust the evidence: it’s very unlikely Roundup causes cancer

The common weed killer Roundup (glyphosate) is back in the news after a US court ruled it contributed to a man’s terminal cancer (non-Hodgkin lymphoma). Following the court’s order for manufacturer Monsanto to compensate the former school ground’s keeper US$289 million, more than 9,000 […]

Immune checkpoint inhibitors to treat cancer

An important part of the immune system is its ability to tell between normal cells in the body and those it sees as “foreign.” This lets the immune system attack the foreign cells while leaving the normal cells alone. To […]

Stage four sarcomatoid kidney cancer patient first to show complete response to immunotherapy

“You see this place on the image? That’s where your kidney was,” says VCU Massey Cancer Center medical oncologist Asit Paul, M.D., Ph.D., to 69-year-old Thomas Bland. “And the tumors we saw in your lung and other places still have […]

New cancer vaccine can teach the immune system to ‘see’ rogue cells and kill them

Vaccine teaches immune system to recognise rogue cells as part of treatment Method involves extracting immune cells from a patient, altering them in lab they can then ‘see‘ a protein common to many cancers and then reinjected A trial vaccine is showing promising results in patients with a range of cancers. One woman treated with […]

Testing new cancer treatment which could banish chemotherapy

Current treatment for head and neck cancer can have debilitating side-effects, but new research combining robotics, nanoparticles, ultrasound, and lasers could treat it without chemo- or radiotherapy. Killer T cells surround a cancer cell. Credit: NIH Dr. James McLaughlan, a University Academic Fellow in the faculties of Engineering and […]

Sex-linked differences in cancer may identify gender-specific genetic drivers and predict responses to treatment

Analysis of male- and female-derived tumor samples revealed differences in prognostic biomarkers, genes that drive cancer, and in the regulation of key pathways that may predict response to treatment, according to results published in two studies in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Credit: CC0 Public […]

Could less deadly therapies be a better way to keep cancer in check?

While many cancer therapies initially can be very successful, tumors often return and spread when remaining cancer cells develop resistance to treatment. To combat this tendency, Frédéric Thomas of the French National Centre for Scientific Research proposes that cancer researchers […]