Extraordinary Case: 4 People Get Cancer From Donated Organs

There are rare instances wherein organ donors unwittingly pass infectious diseases to the organ recipients, but an even rarer occurrence is passing cancer through the transplant. In Europe, four people who received organs from a single donor develop breast cancer […]

Ketogenic diet reduces body fat in women with ovarian or endometrial cancer

Women with ovarian or endometrial cancer who followed the ketogenic diet for 12 weeks lost more body fat and had lower insulin levels compared to those who followed the low-fat diet recommended by the American Cancer Society, according to a […]

A behavioral intervention for cancer patients that works

Treatment program successful at 15 sites across the nation OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLUMBUS, Ohio – This is a story about something rare in health psychology: a treatment that has gone from scientific discovery, through development and testing, to dissemination and […]

Mononuclear phagocytes can both promote and inhibit inflammation

Mononuclear phagocytes can both promote and inhibit inflammation. A Team from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich has now shown that individual phagocytes in the central nervous system can play both roles, sequentially adopting different phenotypes with distinct functions. Mononuclear phagocytes, which […]

Bioadhesive, wirelessly-powered implant emitting light to kill cancer cells

Scientists from Waseda University, the National Defense Medical College, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have developed a new bioadhesive, wirelessly powered light-emitting device that could better treat cancers in delicate organs. The newly-developed, bioadhesive, wirelessly-powered implant. Credit: Dr. […]

Variation in cancer-causing KRAS mutations greater than thought

UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND The effects of KRAS mutations underlying many different types of cancer are more diverse than previously thought, according to a new study led by the University of Eastern Finland. Different mutations in the same amino acid […]

Researchers uncover previously unstudied cancer enzyme

UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN THE FACULTY OF HEALTH AND MEDICAL SCIENCES Researchers do not know how all the proteins and enzymes in the human body function, far from it. Now researchers at the University of Copenhagen have come a bit closer to understanding how […]

Mitochondria come together to kill cancer cells

Uncovered details of a molecular pathway in cancer cells could lead to improved treatment. Targeting a pathway that controls the movement of mitochondria, the powerhouses of all cells, could reduce cancer invasiveness and resistance to radiotherapy. IMAGE: DISPERSED MITOCHONDRIA (GREEN, LEFT) […]

Study cracks open the secrets of the cancer-causing BRCA1 gene

Lawsuits didn’t do it, public shaming didn’t do it, patients and doctors banding together to “free the data” couldn’t do it: For 22 years Myriad Genetics, one of the oldest genetic testing companies, has refused to make public its proprietary database of […]