FDA approves magnetic brain-zapping helmet to treat OCD sufferers who don’t respond to therapy or drugs

Over two percent of the population develops obsessive-compulsive disorder at some point over the course of their lives  Repetitive thoughts, compulsions, and behaviors can disrupt these peoples’ lives and isolate them   OCD is characterized by an overly-active brain circuit  Transcranial […]

Aggression neurons identified

High activity in a relatively poorly studied group of brain cells can be linked to aggressive behaviour in mice, a new study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden shows. Using optogenetic techniques, the researchers were able to control aggression in mice by stimulating […]

Thync Relax: 10 days with the new “neuroscience” wearable

We take Thync’s second-gen product, Thync Relax, for a test-drive The original Thync was one of the most eyebrow-raising wearables of 2015. Sending electrical currents through your head to essentially zap your brain into either a calmer or more-energized mood, we saw […]