Training Athletes’ Dynamic Vision with System Originally Designed to Detect Brain Injuries

SyncThink is a company known for making eye-tracking devices that can help to diagnose brain concussions. Their FDA-cleared EYE-SYNC technology is already being used by a number of university sports programs, as well as by major hospitals. Now the same technology is being adapted to help athletes in demanding sports to improve their dynamic vision and to help people recover post injury.

The system lets the athlete put on a pair of VR-like goggles, and go through a series of routines that ask to track objects in the visual field. Their visual performance is constantly measured by special cameras within the headset and progress can be tracked using accompanying software loaded onto a tablet.

“What we have seen when we screen athletes is that there is a certain percentage of healthy individuals who have sub-optimal eye tracking for their sport. Perhaps they have a particular area in their visual field that could be better optimized with focused training, and when we provide that training they are able to quickly improve the quality of their dynamic vision and overall brain performance,” said SyncThink Founder and Chief Scientific Adviser Jam Ghajar, MD in the announcement. “Recent studies have also suggested that these individuals could be more susceptible to injury, so the key is to screen them early to identify and remedy these deficits, as another step to mitigate risk and optimize performance.”

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